Art Critiques Media


… embraces the powerful forces of conscience, respect, and kindness? True strength is embodied in our everyday activities and responses to injustice.blog1


…can save media from the plague of apathy enveloping the planet? Reports of human injustices are no longer getting past impenetrable walls of indifference.blog4.jpg


…can compassionate icons born of media exist without privacy and freedom? Media has the power to destroy the walls that imprison their inspirational teachings.blog5.jpg


…apathy cannibalizes empathy, do the voices of the smallest and most vulnerable of God’s children echo in empty hearts? The power to ease suffering is within each of us.blog3.jpg


…can’t we find tears to wash away the painted masks that camouflage our sensitivity and compassion? Are we becoming our masks?


Outreach to Conscience, Art Critiques Media, 24 by 18 inches, oil on stretched canvas. After more than 400 hours, I finally completed this painting  in 1998 (20 years ago).

Critique: a non-judgmental, philosophical assessment of literary, visual, auditory, conceptual, and technological information.