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Happy Holidays to Family and Friends!

People all over the world are celebrating and enjoying holidays over the next couple of months. Regardless of religious or cultural differences, we all share our love of family and/or friends.

This oil painting of my daughter’s Dalmatian (named Shadow) represents the fun aspects of this holiday season. In reality, Shadow didn’t have reindeer antlers, but she did have a brown eye and a blue eye!

Wishing you peace, joy, and laughter! Brenda

Shadow blog.jpg



Happy 92nd Birthday to my Mom!

Today, I am thinking about and celebrating my Mom (Pamela Hoddinott).1 Mom trying to get her pet goat to look at the camera.jpg

She was born in St. John’s, Newfoundland in 1926 and grew up in the beautiful fishing community of Lower Island Cove.

She loved school, playing piano, and tending her pet goat.

When this first photo was taken, she was trying to convince her goat to look toward the camera.

Her older sister, Daphne (on the right in the second photo) was also her best friend.

Whenever they were together, the sound of their laughter seemed to travel for miles.



A few years after marrying my dad, their first child (me) arrived.


This picture of Mom and grumpy-looking-me was taken in Lower Island Cove in 1952.






My brother (Peter) and sister (Karen) were later born in Corner Brook.

My Mom and I have always shared a love of creating art, especially drawing and painting.

Throughout the past 50 years, we enjoyed travelling together in Canada and the USA taking photographs as painting references.

I love you Mom – have a wonderful birthday tomorrow!