Photorealistic Medieval Dagger

Step 1: This dagger was photographed on a flat surface in front of a brightly-lit window. Its basic proportions were then sketched before the contours were accurately outlined.

Step 2: High-contrast shading created the dagger’s realistic forms, textures, and patterns.

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JULY 1.jpg

Do you Remember the Early 60’s?

A kind librarian was a major influence in my desire to become an artist. She worked at a small library (maybe on West Street?) in Corner Brook, Newfoundland and most likely lived on or near Brookfield Avenue? Sadly, I don’t remember her name?

What I do remember is spending time with her at this library on Saturdays – examining hand drawn and painted illustrations in books. Thanks to her,  I was teaching myself to draw faces by age 11.

Drawing 1.jpg