YEAH! My Newest Book is Launched!

My life has been crazy busy over the past few months, so this book has taken longer than usual to finish. For me, the most difficult part of writing a book is declaring it finished. The temptation to check everything one last time is addictive. However, there comes a point where I just have to let it go! :o)

Drawing on Your Brain (Second Edition)

10 Week Drawing Course-in-a-Book

Strengthen your visual intelligence, creativity, memory, and drawing skills with richly-illustrated activities and exercises. This workbook also includes current and insightful research that helps demystify the amazing relationship between drawing and your brain.

3 COVER 2.2

Love and hugs to my partner John (Percy) and editors Giselle Melanson Tattrie and Cailin Green for making this book a reality. :o)

Shading Makes the Magic!

Writing and drawing enable me to be creative, enjoy solitude, and temporarily escape the real world. And – I don’t even need a Tardis!

Drawing with lines places an object on a sheet of paper and is every bit as enjoyable as writing. However – shading breathes life itself into a drawing! Creating a realistic, three-dimension subject on a flat sheet of paper is absolutely magical!


My joy of drawing shines from the many new drawings created for my latest book: Introduction to Shading.

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