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Lessons are categorized into 8 modules (and 18 topics).

Module 1: Introduction to Drawing

Module 2: Contour Drawing

Module 3: Shading Techniques

Module 4: Composition and Perspective

Module 5: Diversity in Visual Arts

Module 6: People and Animals

Module 7: The Lighter Side of Art

Module 8: Creating Art in Color

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Draw Animals with Stripes and Spots!

Now everyone can draw zebras and giraffes!

Richly illustrated, step-by-step drawing exercises and projects for artists from beginner to intermediate


Adobe Images Licence Numbers: 1411682 and  124963123

Beginner: 6.2.A7 Shade Simple Furry Stripes (4 Pages and 6 Illustrations)

Use curved hatching lines to practice drawing a striped pattern with a furry texture.


Beginner to Intermediate: 6.2.A20 A Zebra Named Spot (16 Pages and 33 Illustrations)

Draw the striped pattern, furry texture, and exterior anatomical forms of a baby zebra’s face, head, and neck.


Beginner: 6.2.A8 Shade Spotted Furry Textures (6 Pages and 16 Illustrations)

Use hatching lines to practice drawing the texture and pattern of realistic, spotted fur.


Beginner to Intermediate: 6.2.A17 Dandy the Baby Giraffe (14 Pages and 41 Illustrations)

Outline proportions and shapes and then add shading to create the forms, textures, and patterns of an adorable young giraffe


The Contemporary Master of Drawing

In addition to being my very favorite pencil artist, Mike Sibley is internationally respected as a professional artist, art educator, author, and the master of graphite pencil drawing techniques. Most of all, I love discovering meticulously-created visual clues that tell me stories about the subjects of his drawings.


Mike enthusiastically shares his wealth of knowledge with aspiring artists all over the world. In his own words:

When I first began my art career, I was often astonished to find more experienced artists treating every technique as a “trade secret” and divulging little. I determined at that time not to emulate them but to be free with encouragement and advice.

Why should I expect less-experienced artists to have to learn those lessons the hard way, when I can provide short-cuts from my own experience? I can’t think of a single reason. And little gives me more pleasure than to see a novice artist take a giant step forward.  


My aim in my work is to emphasize character, tell a story, and display the intricacies of the subject’s creation by suggesting a sense of reality, while maintaining the feel of a hand-drawn work of art.


Realism in drawing brings out the Sherlock Holmes in you. No longer can you walk down a country lane without observing the variety of leaves and the insect life that lives upon them. You notice the way ivy clings to tree bark and the upturned wingtips of the crows that fly overhead.

Even in your own home, you can’t help studying the myriad patterns of reflected light that appear on your shiny kettle or toaster. I feel compelled to display even the smallest detail to viewers of my work, as if to say, “Do you see this? Do you really see this? Isn’t it beautiful, this marvel of Nature?” And, if I feel that just one person has finally been encouraged to “see” instead of look, I have done my job.


Mike teaches online classes for students of all levels: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Check back often to find out when new classes are accepting registrations.


You can view more of Mike’s work at:


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