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Express Yourself through Art Therapist Judith Campanaro!

My dear friend, Judith, gently provides guidance for an inspirational journey toward self-empowerment through creative expression.

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Art therapy is a unique experience based on using the medium of art as an instrument of change. Rather than learning conventional techniques and modalities, art therapy approaches the medium in a natural experiential way.

Here’s four of the 46 lessons authored by Judith on my website:

Introduction to Art Therapy (5.3.R1 – 10 Pages and 7 Illustrations)

Understanding art therapy and how creating art enables you to enhance your well-being



Exercises to Build Confidence (5.3.A6 – 8 Pages and 13 Illustrations)

Gift yourself with enlightening activities to help enhance your personal growth, physical well-being, and self-esteem



Exploring the Art of Self Discovery (5.3.R2 – 8 Pages and 7 Illustrations)

Embracing the powers of clarity and choice as instruments for enriching personal growth



Voyage of Discovery (5.3.A8 – 2 Pages and 4 Illustrations)

Create a contour drawing with glue, add bright colors with watercolor paints, and outline shapes with a black marker



Portrait of a Mummy…

We are privileged to enjoy the many incredible legacies left to us from Ancient Egypt. However, none can tug our heartstrings as powerfully as the Fayum mummy portraits. These portraits vary greatly in style and quality, but they all give us insights into the humanity depicted.

The eclectic range of faces, hairstyles, clothing, and jewelry provide us with fascinating information about each person. For example, the clothing depicted in my drawing (based on a mummy portrait) tells us that this sad-looking man was probably a Roman soldier; and his handsome, youthful face implies that he was a young man when he died.

Mummy portraits were painted on thin slats of wood and attached to the facial sections of mummies approximately 2000 years ago to show what the individual looked like while alive. Some of these portraits have since become separated from their remains while others have been meticulously preserved with their mummified remains.

My goal with this drawing was to capture the essence of the original painting, including the imperfections of the old wooden panel on which it was painted and the textures of the brush strokes.

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