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Lessons are categorized into 8 modules (and 18 topics).

Module 1: Introduction to Drawing

Module 2: Contour Drawing

Module 3: Shading Techniques

Module 4: Composition and Perspective

Module 5: Diversity in Visual Arts

Module 6: People and Animals

Module 7: The Lighter Side of Art

Module 8: Creating Art in Color

Figure 1.jpg

Paint with Colored Pencils!

An inexpensive, tidy, and highly-portable “painting” medium!

Colored pencils were originally developed for commercial artists and illustrators. Over the past few decades, “painting” with colored pencils has gained a new respect as a medium for fine art. They beautifully capture delicate drawings such as portraits and flowers, and also work very well for subjects that need a bolder, more colorful approach.

Dry mixing and burnishing helped create this painting of a white Calla Lily on a white background.


A background added in Photoshop enhances the flower.


This wonderful medium comes in a wide variety of qualities, from student to professional. The permanency rating of the pigment used in the mixture helps determine the ultimate quality of the pencils. During the manufacturing process, various synthetic and/or organic pigments are added to binding agents (such as clay or chalk) and wax.

Please do not use photos you find on the Internet as references for drawing without a license, or the permission of the photographer. This drawing is based on a photo by Viperagp that was licensed from dollarphotoclub.com.

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