Home of Your Brain

Learning how to draw is much easier than trying to fully understand the complex brain functions involved in this process. Your brain is safely nestled away inside your cranium.


You Use Both Sides of Your Brain to Draw

The process of drawing requires a precise orchestration of both brain hemispheres and multiple brain functions such as visual perception, perceptual processing, and fine motor skills.


Gray Matter is Not Gray

The cerebral cortex (often referred to as “gray matter”) is actually pinkish-beige in color. The term “gray matter” got its name from the color of the preserved brains of cadavers.


2 Responses to Brain

  1. jo spktruth says:

    I love your approach and thinking on learning the concepts and foundations of drawing. I’m new to this but already have learned some new things from your blog. I be back for sure. Thank you!


    • Thank you Jo!

      I very much appreciate your kind words. As a self-educated artist, I try to figure out the “why” before I tackle the “how”.

      A fun approach to learning which I try to pass on to my students!

      Brenda :O)


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