Marlowe the Adorable Sphinx

Part 2

Supplies: Drawing paper, tracing paper, 6B graphite pencil, ruler

Step 3: Place a sheet of tracing paper over your outline of half of Marlowe’s head. Tape the tracing paper in place. Trace over both the line of symmetry and your outline drawing with a 6B pencil.

Step 4: Flip the tracing paper over to the other side with the graphite side down and tape in place. Line up this half of the drawing along the line of symmetry. Trace over the outline again to transfer the other half of the cat onto your drawing paper.

Blog 2

Step 5: Remove the tracing paper and you have a symmetrical drawing of Marlowe. Touch up any sections that didn’t transfer accurately.

Blog 3

Part 1

Meet Marlowe – the adorable Sphinx! Marlowe is the granddaughter of my dear friend Carole in Ontario. This drawing is on stretched canvas and is destined to become a cat caricature. I’ll be using my artistic license to create an original painting.

Step 1: Outline a 9 by 12 in drawing space (the size of the canvas I plan to use) on tracing paper. Draw a line of symmetry down the center of the drawing space.

Step 2: Outline half of Marlowe’s head on one side of the line of symmetry (Steps 1 and 2).

Blog 1

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