Attacking Mandy’s Eyes!

Eyes have the power to create the illusion of reality in a painting – even if the portrait subject isn’t real.

Step 1: Paint basic eye shapes and values.

Step 2: Add a range of values from light to dark to the iris.

Step 3: Paint faint, thin lines to represent the muscles in eyes.

Steps 4 and 5: Paint additional details to enhance the illusion that eyeballs are (three-dimensional) spheres.

BLOG 10 2018.jpg

Herald Covers: Three Men and a Lady

Another trip back in time to revisit four more of my drawings of 1978 television celebrities!

Finally found John Travolta – definitely a cutie with his thick mane of hair, dreamy eyes, and adorable chin dimple (I probably exaggerated that dimple on purpose).

William Roache visited St. John’s that year and the original drawing was professionally framed and presented to him. If I remember correctly, my Mom watched Coronation Street.

BLOG 5 2017.jpg

Blond Hair and a Purple Mohawk!

When you create a living being from your imagination, some characteristics of yourself automatically become part of your creation. Nope – I don’t have a purple mohawk (yet)!

My skills from two decades ago are returning and the transition from oils to acrylics is getting easier. The hair texture was not as difficult to paint as the emu’s.

Upper left image: middle values are added to the under painting and the directionality of the hair is established.

Middle left image: a full range of values from dark to light fool the viewer’s eye into seeing three dimensional forms.

Lower left image: that eyebrow definitely has to change – into what, I really don’t know yet.

Right image: The eyes will probably be the last section painted. For now, this under painting establishes values.

BLOG 6 2018.jpg

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