How are You Feeling Today?

Some people are so skilled at feigning their facial expressions that huge, internationally-acclaimed events present them with prestigious awards. Of course, I’m referring to actors! For most of us, facial muscles have predictable movements in response to how we feel.


So, what parts of your face tell the world that you’re having a good day?


Feeling contented, amused, relaxed, and generally pleasant and friendly exhibit a similar facial expression. In a room full of people, this is a face others are drawn toward:

  • The eyebrows are relaxed and slightly lifted upward.
  • The eyes are partially closed and the upper eyelids droop downward covering part of the irises.
  • The mouth is closed, relaxed, and pulled slightly back toward the ears.



Whether you call it endearing, ingratiating, or just plain old adorable, you simply can’t resist this face. This young man’s pleasant expression is enhanced by his dimpling cheeks, and his upper front teeth resting very slightly on his lower lip.

  • The eyebrows are raised and curled upward in the center.
  • Eyes are slightly closed creating crow’s feet in the outer corners.
  • The corners of the mouth are pulled back toward the ears.



It’s true! Fewer muscles are used to smile than to frown.

  • The eyelids and eyebrows are very relaxed.
  • The mouth widens and the corners curve up and back toward the ears. Sometimes the upper teeth show.



The facial expressions of laughter, hilarity, and glee, are quite catchy.

  • The eyebrows are relaxed.
  • The eyes narrow and often close completely.
  • The mouth opens wide, back toward the ears and lots of teeth are visible, especially the upper ones.



The facial expressions of attraction, flirtation, and seduction are simple yet distinctive.

  • The eyebrows are raised.
  • The upper eyelids are slightly closed.
  • The mouth is pushed forward puckering the lips.


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About Brenda Hoddinott
Award-winning artist and author; illustrator, art educator, curriculum designer, co-owner of, owner of Drawspace Publishing, and retired forensic artist Brenda has developed art curricula and taught multidisciplinary arts since 1980. During her 25-year career as a forensic artist, Brenda worked with diverse criminal investigative agencies including the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Canadian Department of National Defense, private investigative agencies, and municipal police departments. Brenda and her partner John live in the suburbs of Halifax, Nova Scotia with their two SPCA rescue dogs: Timber the Huskador and Katie the Pitweiler. Their blended human family includes five adult children and two grandchildren. Books by Brenda Hoddinott include: 2012: Introduction to Contour Lines (Drawspace Publishing) 2012: Introduction to Drawing (Drawspace Publishing) 2011: Illustrated Dictionary of Art-Related Terms (Drawspace Publishing) 2010: Getting Started with Drawing (Drawspace Publishing) 2004: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Drawing People Illustrated (Alpha Books) 2003: Drawing for Dummies (Wiley Publishing, Inc.)

2 Responses to How are You Feeling Today?

  1. Love this post! The drawings are wonderful and the tips are super helpful, thank you!


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