Exercises to Sharpen Your Mind…

…before you sharpen your pencils. :o)

1. Find a pattern or texture and try to visualize images that your brain doesn’t immediately recognize. Try this whenever you see mountains, tree trunks, fabrics, flooring, rocks, wood grain, and anything else patterned or textured. With practice, you can easily find hidden images wherever you go. It’s a fun way to amuse yourself and enhance your visual intelligence at the same time!


2. Examine clouds the next time you go outside on a cloudy day. At first, you might only see a cloud as a cloud – but when you relax and allow your brain to come out and play, you begin seeing the shapes and forms of such things as animals or faces.

3. Render a page of doodles or scribbles and identify unintentional faces and patterns within the lines and shapes.

4. Visualize a number between 2 and 9 or a letter from the alphabet. Imagine how the number or letter would look if viewed in a mirror, visualize it, and draw the image you see in your mind.

5. Render at least one sketch of an actual object or person every day from memory.

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