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– 1.1.R1 Glossary Of Art Terms

– 2.1.A5 Blind Contour Drawing

– 2.2.A16 Frontal View of a Horse’s Head

In 2.2.A16, you learn how to draw this horse by sketching accurate proportions, creating a contour drawing, and adding shading with hatching.


Stained Glass Butterfly Flutters By!

Fresh off my drafting desk! This drawing represents my first attempt at shading metal and glass together and was challenging indeed.

Tip! Any time you become frustrated with a drawing – STOP! Put it away for a few days. When you finally take it out of hiding, you have a brand new perspective on what you did right and what needs to be fixed.

This drawing disappeared and reappeared several times before I called it finished. A perfectly normal aspect of drawing something new or difficult! At the moment I have seven other drawings hiding in folders awaiting serendipitous insights into how to solve a problem. :o)

This butterfly drawing is based on a photo taken at my cousin Beverley’s cottage a couple of summers ago. For anyone who would like to draw this, I hope to add its tutorial to the Drawspace Pro lessons in a few hours.

The beauty of creating a drawing from another drawing is that the artist has already worked out all the problems for you.


Beverley’s Stained Glass Butterfly

Employ high key shading, blending, and erasing to render the textures of a realistic stained glass and metal butterfly

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