FREE! Drawspace Pro Lesson 11

The techniques employed in this tutorial probably helped you learn to print when you were a child. However – these four, printable worksheets are specifically designed to improve your visual intelligence and drawing skills! Enjoy! :o)

Draw Shapes Inside Squares: Strengthen your skills for rendering accurate proportions by practicing skills on four worksheets in which you draw diverse lines and shapes inside squares

Here’s three of the 64 mini projects including in this free lesson. Please feel free to share this link with your artistic friends!


Free until Jan 28, 2014!

Learn 24 Skills for Free in 2014!

Naturally, I think everyone should feel very comfortable using a sketchbook and pencil!

However, did you know that drawing is one of the 24 skills that can supplement your current career, make your resume more impressive, and /or enhance your life.

Checkout all 24 skills that you can learn online for free in 2014!

Browse almost 200 free drawing lessons on!


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