FREE! Drawspace Pro Lesson 10!

Free until Jan 6, 2014!

Dewdrops on a Tulip: Employ contour hatching graduations and blending to render a realistic drawing of dewdrops glistening on the textured surface of a tulip.

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FREE! Drawspace Pro Lesson 9!

Nuremburg Woman (Albrecht Durer): Use various grades of pencils to recreate a classical pen and watercolor drawing of a beautifully dressed female figure.

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FREE! Drawspace Pro Lesson 8!

Illustrative and Traditional Realism

Examine drawings to compare the techniques used for rendering two substyles of realism.

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Illustrative realism is a style of art often used by commercial artists such as illustrators, designers, and graphic artists. Subjects are often rendered with techniques to help the images stand out strongly in digital and printed documents.

Traditional realism employs a variety of different drawing techniques, most of which attempt to represent living beings and objects as they appear in real life without stylization or distortion. Traditional realists are more likely to “suggest” contours through shading rather than render actual contour lines.


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