The Exotic Bird of Paradise!

Bird of Paridise

Photorealism is a style of drawing that aims to create a realistic artwork with photographic qualities. However, this doesn’t mean that the drawing has to look exactly like any specific photo.

This drawing was not rendered from a single photo. Rather, photos of various parts of the flower were researched in the process of drawing a single flower.

Although the Bird of Paradise flower is native to South Africa, it is also cultivated in many other countries around the world as an ornamental plant.

In 1773, Sir Joseph Banks introduced the bird of paradise flower into Britain. He named the exotic-looking plant Strelitzia, in honor of Queen Charlotte, the wife of George III. Some species of the Strelitzia plant are taller than most adults. The plant’s height varies from 1 to 10 m (3 to 30 ft).

The flower’s common name – Bird of Paradise – comes from the flower’s resemblance to the crest on the head of the bird by the same name.

About Brenda Hoddinott
Award-winning artist and author; illustrator, art educator, curriculum designer, co-owner of, owner of Drawspace Publishing, and retired forensic artist Brenda has developed art curricula and taught multidisciplinary arts since 1980. During her 25-year career as a forensic artist, Brenda worked with diverse criminal investigative agencies including the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Canadian Department of National Defense, private investigative agencies, and municipal police departments. Brenda and her partner John live in the suburbs of Halifax, Nova Scotia with their two SPCA rescue dogs: Timber the Huskador and Katie the Pitweiler. Their blended human family includes five adult children and two grandchildren. Books by Brenda Hoddinott include: 2012: Introduction to Contour Lines (Drawspace Publishing) 2012: Introduction to Drawing (Drawspace Publishing) 2011: Illustrated Dictionary of Art-Related Terms (Drawspace Publishing) 2010: Getting Started with Drawing (Drawspace Publishing) 2004: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Drawing People Illustrated (Alpha Books) 2003: Drawing for Dummies (Wiley Publishing, Inc.)

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