Real Live Monsters!!!

Many years ago, I organized a group of my students and friends, to paint the sets and backdrops and play some of the characters in a Haunted House production. Before the crowds showed up for the show, we had a dress rehearsal. I brought my old 110 camera to capture some of the fun, and then created this colored pencil sketch. 


Shading Makes the Magic!

Writing and drawing enable me to be creative, enjoy solitude, and temporarily escape the real world. And – I don’t even need a Tardis!

Drawing with lines places an object on a sheet of paper and is every bit as enjoyable as writing. However – shading breathes life itself into a drawing! Creating a realistic, three-dimension subject on a flat sheet of paper is absolutely magical!


My joy of drawing shines from the many new drawings created for my latest book: Introduction to Shading.

Baby Bump or Fabric Bump?

This drawing has been a work in progress for a few weeks (in between others). I have no idea whether she has a “baby” bump or “a lot of fabric” bump? If you know, please share! :o)

My graphite drawing is based on a work by Albrecht Dürer: Nuremburg Woman Dressed for Church, c. 1500, pen and watercolor on paper, 6.42 in by 5.63 in (20.5  by 32 cm), The Royal Collection in the United Kingdom.

This drawing was so much fun to do that I’ve started another of a knight on a horse also by Albrecht Dürer.

From drawing, the treasure secretly gathered in your heart will become evident through your creative work. (Albrecht Dürer)


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Making Lines More Powerful

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Master Artist teaching on Drawspace!

Lance Richlin’s drawings and paintings are totally mind boggling. He gives brand new meaning to the term “life-like”. To say that his work is reminiscent of the masters of the High Renaissance is cliche. So – see for yourself!

Introduction to Portrait Drawing with Lance Richlin

Renowned master of drawing the human figure teaches the techniques used to create lifelike representations of the human head.

This eight-week beginner course is suitable for artists with no drawing experience and for those who wish to refine their portraiture skills

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Drawing on Both Sides of Your Brain by Brenda Hoddinott

An artist’s guide to the functionality of different parts of the brain and the art of creativity, with uncomplicated terminology and illustrations.

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The Magic of Realism!

After 20 years of shading with mostly hatching, I’m finally back to my roots: shading traditional realism and photorealism. Creating a realistic, three-dimension subject on a flat sheet of paper is absolutely magical!

After three months of planning and writing curriculum – my new classroom is live!

RS101 Traditional Shading: For absolute beginners and for artists with a few basic drawing skills. Traditional Realism is a style of art in which living beings and objects are represented in an artwork as they appear in real life – without outlines, stylization, or distortion.

Here’s the final project in this course!


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